Monday, May 23, 2011

Weaning Off the Breast - Syahmi

Hari ini genap anakku Muhammad Syahmi Iman berumur 20 bulan.

Hari ini juga aku announce that he is officially weaning off the breast. 

Macamana caranya nak weaning off baby ni? Aku xde letak benda-benda pahit pon e.g. Nescafe ke, Jadam ke. Sebab itu salah satu petua orang-orang dulu untuk putuskan susu. Mungkin start aku pregnant ni dia dah boleh faham-faham sendiri. Aku just continue breastfeed macam biasa jer since aku pregnant. Mula-mula parents aku especially mak aku marah jugak laa sebab risaukan kandungan dalam perut tu. Then aku pg check kt forum Mostly ada ibu yang pregnant, tapi masih susukan anak mereka asalkan tiada masalah yang berlaku. Tapi pernah juga aku baca, kalo kite masih susukan anak juga, then ada bleeding, kite di nasihatkan untuk hentikan penyusuan.

So far, tiada bleeding pon pada aku. As usual aku susukan Syahmi seperti biasa. Lagipon Syahmi ngempeng pada waktu malam jer during weekdays & fully breastfeed during weekend. Then, lama kelamaan aku perasan yang dia bfeed sekejap jer. Dalam 2-3 minit pada satu2 masa. Then, dia terus tak mintak langsung untuk ngempeng. Right now, bila aku offer dia untuk breastfeed, dia tolak. Cakap tanak susu sambil geleng kepala. 

Hurm, belum pon sampai umurnya 2 tahun. Tapi nak buat macamana. Itu kemahuan dia sendiri. Mungkin dia dah jumpa yang lagi dia suka e.g. buah-buahan, biskut, roti & nasi.

Di sini, aku ada attach Tips on How to Wean Your Baby off the Breast yg aku jumpe kt

1.       Proceed slowly. Your baby may find abrupt weaning traumatic, and it can lead to uncomfortable engorgement and mastitis in your breasts. Mastitis is an infection that can cause fever and flulike symptoms, as well as pain, hardness, redness, or heat in your breast - usually just one breast, not both.

2.       Eliminate one daily feeding session at a time over a period of weeks or even months, starting with the nursing session that seems the least important to your baby emotionally.

3.       Offer your baby a substitute for the breast. If she is less than 1 year old, you may need to substitute formula in a bottle to make sure she gets the nutrition she needs. If she is past her first birthday, eating a variety of foods and drinking from a cup, you may be able to offer her food or distract her with a fun game or activity.

4.       Give extra affection. Weaning can make babies feel vulnerable for a while, and your baby may need added reassurance that you still love her.

5.       Keep your baby occupied by going to the park, taking a walk or playing in the garden.

6.       If your baby clearly wants to nurse, and if your attempts to distract her with other snacks or activities aren't working, it's OK to nurse. This way, you can avoid a battle of wills.

7.       Continue to nurse for comfort if necessary. Often, a more or less weaned baby will want to nurse after a fright or a fall. This is OK. It will take her a while to get used to the other forms of comfort you offer.

8.       Contact your doctor, a lactation professional or your local La Leche League if you experience pain or engorgement while waiting for your milk to dry up. They can offer some solutions for a safe and pain-free transition.

9.       If you wean your baby from breast to bottle, avoid putting her to bed with a bottle. It poses a choking hazard and promotes tooth decay. If she gets thirsty at night, keep a spillproof cup of water nearby and offer it to her when she wakes.

Gambar-gambar gumbira Syahmi selepas weaning off.

Gambar terakhir yg sempat di snap semasa aku susukan Syahmi.
Nampak tangan dia kuar dari celah ponco tu?
1. Lepas ni tak payah bawak ponco kalo g memana.
2. 2nd azam pada 2011 telah tercapai. Tapi awal lah pulak.

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